The Truth, The Hole Truth…

I’m going to stop having holidays in November – every time I do, something goes wrong. Three years ago my Dad died, and admittedly everything since has paled into insignificance, but there’s always been something. Today i decided not to get up early to go geocaching, which is probably lucky really – as you’ll see if you study the bottom section of the walls in this pic, I’ve suddenly developed a damp problem.

So, the plumber was summoned, he arrived, and said, “Rip up those floorboards and I’ll be back in an hour”. Hence why, as you can see, I’ve got a hole in my floor, although the hole is now bigger than that.

As you can see there’s no sign of any leakage from the pipes under the floor, as the plumber pointed out when he came back (but not before he’d wheedled himself a cup of tea). So now the big hole in the floor remains, and I’m waiting for the builder to ring me back.

Life’s a never-ending round of fun, isn’t it? Though to be serious for a moment, I know that compared to many people’s problems, a bit of damp is nothing. So I’m going to count my blessings and stop whinging now. I still wish I’d gone geocaching this morning, though.

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