More Autumn Colours

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my good chummington Jan: You aren’t younger than me any more Janny-poos!

I think I mentioned that I’ve got this week off work: Basically I’m just using up days that I need to take by the end of the year, but I’m sure you can all guess what I plan to do with my time.

Today I did four geocaches: First was A Very Green Cache, a fairly easy stroll along a muddy bridleway. Next came Airfields Memorial, a five-part multi around various locations connected with the New Forest’s wartime airfields. It’s about a four mile walk, which raised my step stats for the day nicely.

Next was a micro cache with some great views, Shirley’s Lookout. This was planned to be the last cache of the day, but the weather was still OK and I noticed that Dead Oak was only a mile and a half away, so I went and grabbed that one too. I think I gave a passing dog-walker a bit of a surprise when I emerged, arse-end-first, from the brambles at the side of the path.

Now just time to clean up before heading off to Hospital Radio for the evening.

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