A new cache was planted in Southampton last weekend – it’s part of the Victoria Country Park, where a military hospital was built during the crimean war, and the cacher wanders round the military cemetery as part of the cache. Not surprisingly the cache is called Remembrance. I got soaking wet and freezing cold while doing this one, and had to ring the King of Sweden for some advice, but I got there. Because I’m too…um…careful to pay to park, I had a 2½ mile walk in total, which is all good exercise!

I had a bit of a tantrum in Tesco on the way home – stupid people blocking up the cafe by not knowing how to use the coffee machine – but soon calmed down when I got home and discovered that my Jethro Tull CD wot I bought on eBay had arrived. Ooh, I’ve not heard some of these choons for years!

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