After the Beep

Regular readers will know that earlier in the year, I had something of a surfeit of mobile phones.

I’ve now settled on which one I’m using regularly. It’s got loads of features: Three java games, plus the ability to download more; A web browser, which doesn’t seem to work with any useful websites; The ability to store 400 numbers, and allocate each it’s own ringtone-this is very useful, as it means I can tell it’s my Mum ringing without looking at the screen and reading “My Mum” on the display. I can send text or picture messages, make entries in my diary and set the alarm clock: It has a colour screen to give thos games extra life, and at the moment I have a picture of some nice blue flowers as a screensaver.

But there’s one feature I’d really like it to have, that I’ve never seen on any mobile phone: I’d like some kind of auto-reply feature, so that if someone sends me a text message while I’m driving, it sends back “Sorry, I’m driving at the moment, I’ll reply as soon as I can”. The phone already knows when it’s plugged into the car kit, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to implement, and it would be far more useful than all sorts of stupid games.

Mind you, I just got a personal best score on “Sky Diver”.

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