Another Shiny Thing

I heard a fantastic new DVD being advertised on the radio the other day.

“Ooh,” I thought, “I know just who’d like that for Christmas”, so this morning I rang his girlfriend to check that she wasn’t planning on getting it for him herself. She’d never even heard of it, so that was OK, and I started trawling the net. Amazon had never heard of it, and both WH Smith and are currently out of stock; SendIT, however, have promised me faithfully that they’ll get it to me in time for Christmas, so that’s OK.

There isn’t any other news, except to say that I was surprised by the comments left after my blog of yesterday: I was expecting a load of vitriol for daring to criticise Children in Need, but it looks as if I’m not in as much of a minority as I thought I was. Luckily, tomorrow morning there wouldn’t be any radio-listening anyway, as I have some Important Visitors to look after. Deep joy.

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