It’s a CiN

I had a bit of trouble with the radio this morning.

Normally my radio listening of choice is Radio 4, or, if I’m at work and just want some background, Radio 2. But you may have noticed that all this week, Radio 2 has been wittering on about Children in Need. Now I don’t want to be all “Bah humbug” about this, because I’m sure CiN does some excellent and important work with the cash it raises, but I have to say that CiN and Comic Relief both wind me up something chronic. The main thing for me is that no other charity – and there are hundreds in the UK – has a hope in hell of raising any funds while either of those two is going on. Daft but true – do you know of anyone raising cash for anything else during either of these weeks? This is actually a very real problem, since the introduction of these two, plus the National Lottery, amounts raised by small charities have gone down: One charity local to me has cut expenses to the bone, yet is budgeted to make an £11000 loss this year.

There’s also the all-pervasiveness of it. I can’t get gentle background music in my office this week because some Irishman is wittering non-stop about the auction of pledges which money can’t buy. And that’s another thing – even if I was interested in any of the auction items there’d be no point bidding, because they all end up selling for far more than I can afford. And of course Friday night TV will be the usual load of old cods, has-been soap stars I’ve never heard of pretending they can sing, the BBC newsreaders doing a song-and-dance routine, and “Special Editions” of comedy shows that weren’t funny the first time. Luckily it won’t bother me – between the Dressing-up Game and “The Simpsons” I’ll have more than enough to keep me amused.

Of course Children in Need does some great stuff, and the “ordinary people” (that’s you they’re patronising, folks) who raise funds for it are great too. But next year, if you want to do your bit for charity, why not investigate some local organisation that does good in your own community and help them instead?

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