Rice Cake

Today in the chatroom, there was some confusion between eighties TV icon Anneka Rice, and American nightmare politician Condoleeza Rice (I don’t know if I spelled that correctly, and frankly I don’t care).

I’ve never been much into TV, but I always used to make sure I was home in time to see Treasure Hunt when Anneka Rice was presenting it. She rode around in a helicopter, guided by clues from contestants in the studio, and if she found four locations within the specified time, the studio contestants won a prize. They couldn’t see her, but we could, as she was followed around by a cameraman with an “Anneka’s Buttocks” fetish, the cause of many disturbed nights sleep for the schoolboy G0TLG.

Needless to say (and I promise that when I started on this subject I didn’t intend to go this way), we’ve come to a Hospital Radio story: We used to put on an annual special, broadcasting from a marquee on the lawn in front of the General Hospital, and one year we decided to do a Treasure Hunt style programme. Anneka’s place was taken by a DJ from the local independent radio station and the helicopter was replaced by my car: Clues were hidden in various locations connected with Hospital Radio, and as the contestants in the marquee guided us by mobile phone, we zipped around the city finding the clues.

It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it, and an edited version of the programme won the “Best Outside Broadcast” category in that year’s National Hospital Radio Awards. Three of the programme team – me, co-producer Sarah and programme presenter Graham, went to the Telecom Tower in London and had our prize presented by Sue Barker.

And on the way home we had a nice piece of cheese.

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