More C**p

Following my mention the other day of the Crap Towns website, I’ve been having another look at it and preparing a nomination for Southampton: I know it’s my home town, but I think you have to really live somewhere to properly appreciate how awful it is. Of course, Southampton has a bit of an unfair advantage in being crap – start with a seaport, add a shipbuilding industry, then close the shipbuilders and half the docks and you’re a long way down the road to crapness already. Add a university, then an “Institute”, and crapness is as good as yours.

But what’s really surprised me about the list, is how many of the places on there are places where we’ve held Hospital Radio conferences: I suppose Bolton, Hull, Leeds, Stoke and Liverpool were all bound to be there, and Slough (ugh! Slough!) deserves a special Crap Town website all to itself. I was surprised to see Peterborough (which I thought was crap, but few agreed with me) and Bedford on there, but like I said, you have to live somewhere to really know it.

Equally surprisingly was one place we’ve been to which wasn’t on the list: Plymouth. I’ve been to Plymouth four times, and on three of them I came away with food poisoning. The other time was when I stayed in an hotel some way outside the city and only ventured in for the day.

I suppose it’s reassuring that our next venue (Belfast) isn’t listed, although it still crops up on the television news for other reasons rather too often for my liking. The following conference is in Portsmouth (listed as crap), and places being researched for future events include Blackpool (listed) and Norwich (not yet listed).

There must be some connection…

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