Cr*p Towns

Today I have been mostly washing the Gruntmobile, outside and in. Oh, and being abused by text message and MSN, about the football results.

I started blogging on the subject of the petition which had made me angry yesterday, but got distracted while trying to do a bit of research on Google, since it flashed up a database of crap towns and I was amazed that neither Southampton nor Nottingham was in it. Several towns that I’ve visited were in there, however, and with the exception of Shepton Mallet I agree with everything that everyone said. Go and have a look for yourself here and see if your favourite place has been nominated.

As for the petition, I’ve decided that to blog about it would be to accord it more importance than it deserves, so I’ll simply say to the world in general: The fact that I hate Bliar and am a Euro-sceptic probably makes me conservative (lower-case “C” intentional), but please don’t send me any more right-wing c**p like this.

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