Hello hello…

Have you ever thought how useless radio traffic reports can be? Not those on Radio 2, obviously, presented by the lovely Travel Totty Lynn Bowles (goes for a quiet lay down…)…I’m thinking of local radio. Round here, our travel news comes from BBC Radio Soapbox, home of possibly the world’s most useless traffic presenter. Her favourite tricks so far include:
Confusing Junction 14 on the M3 with Junction 4
Calling Hinkler Road, Hinkley Road (she did that this morning, hence the topicality of the rant)
Worst of all, calling “Maybray-King Way” “Maybray Kingsway”. Lord Maybray-King was a famous resident of the city and a tireless campaigner for disabled rights, and it’s a pretty poor show that local radio have obviously never heard of him.

This particular presenter is also responsible for the “Radio Soapbox Computer Tip of the Day”, usually something on the level of “If you want to write a letter in Word, it helps to switch the computer on first.”*

Then of course there’s the usual travel presenters’ trick of telling you the M3’s all clear, when you’re sitting in a mile-long queue of traffic and haven’t moved for twenty minutes, but they all do that. Some of them also enjoy the reverse trick, sending you on pointless diversions when the road you’re avoiding is flowing freely.

Anyway, having got that out of my system, I might write about something useful tomorrow. Alternatively, it might be Wholemeal Bread at last…

*Obviously better advice would be “If you want to write a letter in Word, forget it and use a pen and paper instead”.

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