Look! A sparkly thing!

Hello chaps & chapesses, Jenny here (oh, and Titch, who’s just jumped onto the dmvjhfnagdfngy keyboard, so please excuse any dbfgsahrtfbhk typos). This has to be the laziest guest bloggerage EVER, as Himself is actually stood right behind me, repacking his bag from weekend smelly clothes that need washing (Simon G take note this is what normal people do with dirty clothes) to clean togs for tomorrow.

So, where have we all been this weekend? The entertainment mecca of the midlands that is Stoke, that’s where. Not, perhaps, the first choice for a weekend’s frolics, but one already chosen by the bods who organise our twice yearly hospital radio conferences, so we thought we’d better go there rather than anywhere else. Conference moves around all over the country : next spring Belfast, next autumn Portsmouth and so on. They’re designed as weekends where hospital radio peeps can swap information, learn stuff and go on to be better broadcasters. Some of that goes on for sure, but mostly we eat lots, go shopping (well, I do anyway), and stay up late drinking. A lot. Yay, excellent fun!!!

Now, I’m sure Paul will have lots to say about this particular conference later on in the week when he’s back (you wait ‘til you hear about his experiences with Lily Savage!), but there’s something I’d quite like to tell you about myself, and that is the events of Friday night (no, don’t be smutty, it’s not that kind of blog).

Friday night is the sort of “settling in??? time at conference, all pretty casual and unstructured, except there’s usually entertainment of some kind, and this time around, it was a general knowledge quiz. A closely run 10 rounds finally saw our team (Gillygillyossenfeffercatsenellenbogan by the sea-e-e-e-e) (not sure that’s how it’s spelt, but it’ll do, don’t be picky!) emerge triumphant, and my ovver ‘alf, Chris, got up to do the vote of thanks for our quizmaster. Except that’s not ALL he did. Oh no. He called me up to the front of the room, dropped down on one knee, and proposed!!! Apparently, I almost allowed him to finish speaking before I said yes (keen, me, nooooooo…), and then suddenly there was champagne, and congratulations and, well, lots of kissing and hugging, and it was all quite lovely. Pictures of sparkly ring thing to follow once Paul’s back in situ!

So, enough excitement for one blog methinks. Hope you all enjoyed reading it, I’ll now pass the baton onto Mort for tomorrow’s entry – go Mort!!!

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