Not my best day at work…

I have two computers in my office. One is a network terminal, connected to the company network and on which I do most of my work. It doesn’t have a disk drive or anything like that, partly because it doesn’t need it and partly because it’s company policy, as a guard against anyone loading games etc to the company server.

The other is a standalone PC, on which I keep health and safety, accident and health records. It is company policy that stuff like this, with people’s confidential data, must NOT be stored on the network, but on a standalone, and further, that the standalone will NOT have internet access. This, of course, is a data protection measure. You’ll guess that we don’t have many of these standalones, and the ones we do have, all have confidential data on them.

Anyway, yesterday I was emailed an update to the Health and Safety database programme which lives on my standalone. Muttering to myself about how they should have posted me a disk, I just e-mailed it to myself at home (where I have a dial-up connection), meaning to write it to a CD and take it in. This evening, attempting to download it on my 56k dial-up, I noticed it was over 6 megs…

This morning I was sent a new Contractor Training Package on CD-Rom. This has to be installed on a standalone PC (all ours are in locked offices and contain confidential data remember), and once installed, has to have various site-specific information added, by editing a number of text files. I finally located a PC (in the training room) on which no-one would mind me installing this stuff, and installed it – then found that there are 20 text files to edit, all of which have been saved to the disk as read only! OK, not insurmountable, but an extra embuggerance.

Then working my way through the package I find that half the information is inaccurate anyway, and the rest is written in such technical jargon that most of our contractors (who are selected by cost rather than IQ) won’t understand it.

Meanwhile, the Nazis who police our internet access have blocked access to all Livejournal sites, so many of my friends’ blogs are inaccessible. Funny, they seem quite happy with those people who are running eBay businesses on company time, but reading a Livejournal in your teabreak is verboten.

The only reason I stay at this place is because they’re paying for me to do my Diploma. Oh, and the fact that we could get redundancy in the next couple of years, and I’ve been there long enough for that not to be sneezed at.

Oh, and the occasional free lunches, one of which is tomorrow! Night Night, one and all!

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