A Rare Footie Blog

I don’t usually blog about football.

Did anyone see the footie yesterday afternoon? My boize did their usual trick of taking an early lead, then close to the end of the game throwing it away and ending up with a draw. Meanwhile Southampton (or the Scummers, as we like to call them) managed to avoid defeat, which lifted them off the bottom of the table – they’re still Relly Zone Rejects, though!

But of course the footie news of Sunday has to be the end of Arsenal’s unbeaten streak, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer team. The most hated side in the Premiership lost to the second-most-hated, and predictably are now whinging and crying like a bunch of little babies. The funny thing is, they’re complaining that Rooney took a dive to earn the penalty – this from a side who, if they ever give up football, could form a formation high-board team. A side who have had more offside goals allowed than the rest of the Premiership put together. A side in whose makeup cheating is so ingrained, that even when they’re winning six-nil, their goalie punches the opposing striker in the face when the ref isn’t looking. And yesterday they came up against a ref they hadn’t bribed.

It’s just occurred to me that if Wayne Rooney were a regular in the SimonG chatroom, he’d be called Rooningtonerooney. Or maybe just Rooneyroonie for short.

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