Knock One Up Before Bedtime

Fnaar fnaar, sounds a bit rude! But seriously, I want to go to bed and I haven’t blogged yet. So this will be a bit rushed.

Today I had a lovely lunch out with my Mum. There’s a pub/carvery type place near here that we’ve been using for family sepcial occasions for years, and we went there again. I t took a while to recover and I’ve spent the rest of the day pottering about and preparing my new caching map.

I also did a bit of fiddling about trying to make a GPS work – I bought it scrap from eBay, hoping to make it do something useful, but at the moment it’s defeating me. I’ll have to do some more on-line research before I try again.

And that’ll have to do for tonight. Nighty-night chums.

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