Ritual Humiliation

Today was a Good Day.

There’s this geocache near where I live, called “The Orange Tree Which Bears No Fruit”. It’s graded 1/1, which means it’s the easiest find rating and the easiest terrain rating. It was the third geocache I ever looked for it, and 191 caches later I still hadn’t found it. Anyway, a crowd of my caching buddies found a couple of other people who hadn’t found it, and arranged a session at the nearest pub.

During a break in the rain we all trooped outside, and Pharisee, Woodsmoke, Blitzy and I stumbled around under the trees searching while everyone else stayed on the tarmac and yelled encouragement and abuse. Pharisee was the first to stumble over the cache, and we all logged it while the others legged it back into the pub. I also picked up the travel bug 1955.

Thanks to my chums who presented me with a fine selection of birthday cards and prezzies, and thanks to Omally for giving me a ride in the Omallymobile so I didn’t have to drive. Unfortunately only a couple of the pics I took were worth posting, and here they are – if anyone who was there has any better ones, please feel free to email them to me!

EDIT: Thanks to Team Tate for posting these pics on line.

My mate Rob and his girlfriend Miche.

Omally, Blitzy and Sonya

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