Bad Thing

It’s horrible when you upset your friends.

It’s even more horrible when you’re sitting there, all smug, convinced that you’ve done the right thing and contributed to the avoidance of a disaster, and you suddenly find you’ve got it wrong.

About six months ago, SimonG blogged on the subject of “If a good person does a bad thing, does that make them a bad person or just a good person who made a mistake?”. Actually, I’m no nearer to knowing the answer to that; I do know that it’s better to do a good thing for a bad reason, than not do a good thing at all (it’s in Phillipians if you want to check it), but that’s really no help. Anyway, I was so sure I’d done a good thing (I guess that was the pride that came before the fall), then I learned differently, and now I’m upset because I’ve caused my friend to be upset.

But the good thing (and I hope there’s always one good thing in one of my blogs) is that there’s no misunderstanding that Vodafone cheap rates can’t sort out, and we’re OK again now :-)

And of course, after work tonight I went geocaching, finding Turf Hill, the second geocache to benefit from the lifting of New Forest restrictions. A lovely walk marred only by the stupid, careless, thoughtless actions of some stupid woman with two chocolate labradors, who thought that looking hopeless and saying “Sorry” was adequate recompense for her inability to control them.

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