Another Broken Promise

I promised myself the other day, that I’d never again ask anyone else to suggest a log subject. That promise was broken today, so tonight’s topic was chosen by Ned.

I don’t know about you, but I keep breaking promises I’ve made to myself: A “Winter Sun” holiday; An early night tonight; Never to ask other people to suggest blog subjects. It’s odd really, because I take promises made to other people really seriously, and it would really upset me to break such a promise once it was made (that’s why I’m loath to agree to do something when I’m not 100% sure that I’m going to want to do it). Yet breaking promises made to myself seems to be the easiest thing in the world.

I often head upstairs in the evening thinking “I’ll have a shower before I do anything on the computer”. But of course, if I turn the computer on before I go in the shower, it’ll be ready to use as soon as I’m out. And since it’s on, I may as well just go on line. OK, I won’t blog yet, but I’ll just read the comments on yesterdays…althoguh while I’m here I may as well blog as well…Before I know where I am it’s bedtime, I’m still smellier than Simon’s living room, and I haven’t moved from the computer (except to fetch fresh supplies of wine) for hours.

OK, fresh start time: I promise myself that tomorrow:

  • I won’t deliberately groin myself with an iron bar.
  • I will eat, at some time during the day.
  • I will write that letter of complaint to a certain seller of webcams.
  • I will take part in the Dressing Up Game in Simon’s Fantastic Chatroom.

I wonder?

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