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This evening I did a geocache with my good caching buddy Omally: Not just any old cache though, this was Geocaching at its Glorious Best. Geocaching in the New Forest has been off-limits for ages now, and the committee of the Geocaching Association of Great Britain (or GAGB, hence the name of the cache) have been locked in negotiation with the Forestry Commission to have the ban lifted.

At long last an agreement has been reached, and this cache planted to celebrate. it went live last night and Mallers and I were second finders. Well done to all at the GAGB, and especially Dave and my good friend Sarah who were the negotiating team.

Then home for shower and try to get the mud out of my trousers before work in the morning. Oh, and it’s the Great British Spelling Test on TV later. I may post my score if I’m not too ashamed.

Steps stat: No idea, the thingy says 1330 so I must have pressed the reset button sometime.

EDIT: Great British Spelling Test? OK, being presented by Neil Fox and Gaby Logan I shouldn’t have expected quality TV. But spot the spelling mistake here: Fatuous carp.
88%, by the way

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