An Ode to HJ Stay-Fresh Indestructible Socks

I’ve got a lot of pairs of socks
I keep them rolled up, in a box,
Red on the left, green on the right,
Black on the top, and the lid on tight.

I store the box beneath my bed
Far from my feet, but under my head
So when I awake and get up in the morn
They’re handy, and fresh as the day they were born*

But when I come home at the end of the day
I take off my socks and I hurl them away
I’m fond of my socks, so don’t get me wrong
But after ten hours they’re starting to pong

So out of the window and into the rain
Which soon has them smelling all freshly again
Then one or two hours in front of the fire
Each moment making them drier and drier.

Then back on the line, to get some fresh air
(and make sure I’ve matched them back up in a pair)
Then rolled in a ball and back in their box
My lovely fresh-smelling and clean woollen socks!

(Note to self: Stop asking other people to suggest blog subjects)

Steps stat: 2360 plus whatever I did in the gym


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