This evening I am mostly flippin’ knackered.

This morning my Raynet group were providing radio cover for the Solent ½ Marathon, and I was in Control so had to be there first. Although I must admit, I let our group’s two newest members actually run the control, once I’d shown them what to do, and I just hung around in case they needed a hand. Luckily much of this hanging around was able to be done in the coffee shop, and the rest of the time I was posing around looking important with a radio in my hand.

Once it was over I headed off for a bit of gentle geocaching: Some cheeky devil planted a series of four caches fairly close to me yesterday – it’s one of those sets where you find the first three, and in each of them is a clue to the location of the fourth. At the second I met two cachers, neither of whom I’d met before, so that was nice. Then on to the third, and then the final one, by the end of which all I wanted to do was go home and have a chinese takeaway – so that’s exactly what I did!

Caches today were:
Mission Impossible #3 of 3: Wooded Structure
Mission Impossible #2 of 3: Split Wood
Mission Impossible #1 of 3: Wooden Structure
(Yes, I really did do them in reverse order…it was convenient for the direction I was coming from). And finally:
Mission Impossible: Can You Find It?
Steps stat: 11661. Wow!

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