Today I have been mostly arsing around.

It hasn’t been wasted, though-at long last I’ve got the WalkerStalker sorted. If you’ve used the “Where Am I” feature, you’ll know that the GPS and Radio combination in the car sends a position beacon which plots my position on a map for you all to look at. Today I’ve managed to hook up the GPS to a handheld radio, so you’ll be able to stalk me all the way to the geocache, not just to the car park! Once everthing is tested and running I’ll stick a WalkerStalker link over in the sidebar.

It does have some practical uses too…when I’m out on Raynet events which take me away from the car, Control will know where I am without having to keep updating them by voice on the radio. This is helpful for them, and saves me a job as well!

Reading Morty’s blog, I’m reminded that I, too, received my free pedometer courtesy of Walkers crisps – so far I’ve 4491 steps today. Not likely to record any more, since I took it off when I had a shower and haven’t put it back on again.

Apart from that I’ve done a few odd jobs, drunk some wine and that’s about it. I’m aiming for an early night too…what a wimp!

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