Unordinary Day

Today didn’t turn out as expected.

We had an Important Visitor coming to see us at work…I was expcting her to give us a really hard time over how little progress we’d made against our action plan, but she was actually quite impressed by how much we had done. And then we found out who our new boss is going to be…and it’s the nice guy I told you about last Friday, so that’s OK. And a report I’d put in, suggesting that I should ditch all of my non-Health-and-Safety responsibilities, was favourably received, which I never expected.

And I didn’t expect to go geocaching tonight either: With one notable exception, which I’m saving for next weekend, there are few caches I haven’t done that are close to home. As the evenings are drawing in, it’s becoming harder to leave work and drive to a cache parking place, and get there with enough daylight left to actually do it: By dint of leaving work even earlier than normal for a Friday, I managed Barford Down, a really nice cache with great views in all directions.

And then I went home.

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