Up, Up and Away

I had another of my weird dreams last night – SimonG was in it, and they don’t come much weirder than that.

We were at the Southampton Balloon Festival, and went into the exhibitors-only food emporium. I surveyed the vast range of fried cholesterol on offer and said “Ooh yum, a bacon sandwich please”.
Simon (for those that don’t know, he’s a vegetarian) said “Mmm, same for me, please”.
I said to the lady behind the counter, “I was right, three days at Balloon Festival and they’ll eat anything”. Then I woke up.

But it all reminds me of my time as an exhibitor at the Balloon Festival, when Hospital Radio decided to set up a mobile studio there and for three days, broadcast the fun and colour of this exciting event back to our listeners in hospital. It was 12 years ago, back in the days when linking an outside broadcast three miles back to the studio was cutting-edge technology for a small organisation like ours.

We had a team of six of us on the planning and execution team: Members A and B were months away from the breakup of their marriage: Members C and D were just starting a relationship, unknown to member E who didn’t know she was member D’s ex-girlfriend. I was member F – “F” for “Wombatting Knackered”. Amazingly we were all still friends by the time the event happened (although we lost contact with member E soon afterwards) and we broadcast programmes from six every morning until ten thirty every night for the three days of the festival – needless to say that wasn’t just us six, the rest of the membership took turns on air! It lobstered down with rain every day for a fortnight, we got tired, cold, muddy and wet, and 5½ of us slept each night in a caravan designed for 3 (the ½ was because member A was pregnant at the time).

Ooh, what fun we had. We never did it again.

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