Well, a better day today, I’m pleased to report…although I did get a bit of a nasty surprise when I did the online-banking thingy and saw the state of my account. Luckily it’s payday tomorrow (well, it would be Saturday, but they move it forward when the 20th falls on a weekend).

The immediate boss is away on a placement at another factory, hoping to sort out a few problems they’ve got there, and Head Office haven’t sent me any more problems lately – although I did get an email from the national H&S manager apologising that he wouldn’t be down to see me today. As I didn’t know he was supposed to be coming, I wasn’t too upset by that. As a result, the hardest thing I did all day (apart from getting up this morning) was a conversation with the guy who used to be my boss (before I was moved sideways) and Everybody’s Boss (stands up as he types that), reviewing yesterday’s meeting.

I’m now mildly traumatised because MSN Messenger won’t let me in, and when I went to SimonG’s chatroom, I was the only one there. Still, I’m sure these things’ll soon sort themselves out. Meanwhile, I notice that Esscafe has planted a new geocache well within lunchtime range of where I work. Hope it’s not raining TOO hard tomorrow lunchtime.

Ooh, just remembered, must do something about a Mothers’ Day gift…

Have a nice evening / day / temporal anomaly of your choice.


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