Gosh…Once again an amazingly long time between blogs!
So, I’m well ensconced in the new job, and for those who’ve asked, yes it really is a salad factory! in fact looking out of the office window, In one direction I can see the watercress beds, and in the other the packing sheds where the greenery is washed and packed. My morning commute takes me down winding country lanes – I could use the motorway but the lanes are prettier and have fewer holdups. And I leave home two hours later thsn I used to every morning, and get home two hours earlier.
Oh yeah…and in five weeks I’ve found seventeen geocaches in the area I can reach at lunchtime.
Speaking of home life (which I was before I got distracted by geocaching), Purple Fred (whom I love very much) and I have been working hard on wedding plans: the ceremony is planned (we finalised the music last night), including choosing the reading and who’s going to read it; sorting out the wording of the vows; selecting the hymns and nominating our witnesses – this last undaunted by the fact that if Gatwick airport has a wobbly one of them might not actually be in the country.
The reception is planned, or at least that bit of it that involves choosing the menu, which is the bit I did. PF (WILVM) has wisely done all the rest of it, on the sound assumption that anything not involving pork belly, black pudding and bacon rolls couldn’t be guaranteed my full attention.
Ooh, and a supreme honourable mention to MaDoPF (that’s Mum and Dad of Purple Fred, but I’m sure you’d already worked that out for yourself) for their hard work on hand-crafted invitations and orders of service, ss well as about a million other things.
And on top of all that, we’ve been on a cruise and had a weekend away in the caravan, with another two planned: we finished our commitment to the Drama Festivals (we didn’t go through from the second round) and ducked most of the work involved in the next one. Oh, and in spite of my recent Facebook post, we still don’t know when our Eggheads programme is due to transmit.

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