Meeeeeee and Mrs….Mrs Gottle

Well, as my darling Purple Fred (whom I will continue to love very much after we’re married) has already told you…we’re getting married! We haven’t set a firm date yet…mainly because of checking availability of reception venues…but we’re aiming for before the end of the Summer.

For those who’ve not yet met her, my lovely Purple Fred (WIWCTLVMEAWM) is great fun and with quite a mischievous of humour. She’s also very clever – even more so then me, which definitely saying something. The first of my friends to meet her were Rockin’ Rob and Sally-J, who said she was adorable, and I’m not questioning that.

Don’t expect a conventional wedding…we’ve got a wedding cake decorator with some original ideas for a start…but it’s sure going to be fun! I’m looking forward to married life…and I can’t think of anyone i’d rather spend it with than PF (WIWCTLVMEAWM) :-)

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