Don’t Forget your Towel

Along with Purple Fred (Whom I Love Very Much), I was lucky enough to be able to see “The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show, Live‘ the other night.

What an amazing evening of comedy this was: featuring almost all of the original 1970s radio cast, and with Hugh Dennis as the Voice of the Book, it romped through the Hitch Hikers story at high speed. Of course they couldn’t cover the whole radio series in an evening, but even the bits they’d had to cut were made an excuse for a joke. A live band on stage produced the music, and a (sadly uncredited) puppeteer brought a life-sized Marvin to life. The inevitable bloopers of live theatre were expertly exploited by the cast for full comedy value, with special mention going to the antics of the NutriMatic drinks synthesiser.

Many of the audience had come appropriately dressed, with many dressing gowns and towels in evidence; with even more imagination the guy in front of us had come as Slartibartfast (and boy, did my spell check have fun with that!).

The show ended with a solo rendition by Marvin of his own special song, followed by a finale of which the highlight was the cast inviting applause for a projected image of Douglas Adams, which brought a standing ovation, not to mention a lump to the throat. All in all, a top quality evening of entertainment, thanks to Lord DSP, (he really is a lord, you know), the workmate of PF(WILVM), who thought of us when he had a couple of spare tickets.

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