Book, and Other Thoughts

I’m currently reading More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea by Tom Reynolds.

It’s the second volume of the book version of Reynolds’ blog, about his daily life as a paramedic with the London Ambulance Service. I haven’t read volume one, but volume two is available on Kindle whereas volume one isn’t. Go figure.

Anyway, it’s a pretty good read, in a lightweight, not too taxing on the brain kind of way. The chapters are bite-sized so it’s pretty easy to dip in and out, although it’s interesting enough that I keep thinking “One more chapter when really I should be going and doing something else.

It reminds me that before we were restructured I used to get a lot of face time with members of the public, and some of the issues they came to us with would have made pretty interesting bloggage. Unfortunately there was never any way to retain enough detail to keep the story interesting without breaching confidentiality – Reynolds doesn’t have that problem as he sees enough people with similar problems that individuals couldn’t identify themselves. Also, I try hard to anonymise my stories so that anyone who didn’t know where I work couldn’t work it out from these jottings, partly because my employer doesn’t want to be linked to the opinions I express here sometimes, but mainly because I don’t want the public I meet at work to be able to Google my name and the name of my employer, and get links telling them which town I live in, which train I get home and what my hobbies are – i.e. everything they could learn about me here.

So that’s why I continue to visit “little northern towns” and buy my lunch at Mungo’s. Meanwhile for those who meet me face to face, I’m sure I’ve still got plenty of tales you haven’t heard yet.

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