I’ve had an email from Joe Kent.

No, I’d never heard of him either, but it seems like he’s a researcher on the BBC TV programme “Inside Out”. He’s read my blog on the subject of travelling to work during the London Olympics, and wants to talk to me about it. It raises the interesting point of why people I don’t know at the BBC are reading my blog – I suspect my Facebook buddy Chris, who’s a producer with BBC News, might just be the link there, but it would be lovely to think that somewhere in the bowels of the BBC News department, there’s a team of specialists dedicated to scouring GottleBlog for newsworthy items.

I haven’t responded yet, although by the time this blog goes live, I will have done. But never fear, dear readers – I shall be following the media-savvy advice of Purple Fred (Whom I Love Very Much), who suggested ”Whatever you do, don’t give them anything they can edit to make you look like a ranting idiot”.

Ranting idiot? Moi?

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