Happier New Year

Purple Fred (whom I love very much) was quite right to comment that yesterday’s post was unnecessarily negative, especially when it could’ve been a review of all the excellent stuff that happened in 2011. So in no particular order…

  • We cruised the western Mediterranean aboard the good ship Azura, during which we visited three countries I’d never been to before (and one I had), and generally had a brilliant time.
  • PF (wilvm) directed her first play at a major theatre, which was well received by the audience and reviewers (and sold out on the last night)…
  • …and for which she’s been nominated for an award.
  • We had three good trips away in the caravan, including the long bank holiday weekend with our drama friends from the Maskers.
  • We went to Tenerife where we celebrated PF(wilvm)’s birthday, went up a volcano, saw amazing scenery, visited the best wildlife park I’ve seen, and only just missed BananaWorld.
  • We had a good number of days out and weekends away, in the process discovering a new B&B where I think we may become regulars.

So yes, loads of good things happened in 2011, and I’m sure 2012 holds much to look forward to – including some things that are already booked!

Oh, and Gumby-stats to date: Age of year: Three days. Good friends’ birthdays forgotten: One. Sorry Sally-J :-(

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