Happy New Year!

Oh dear. It looks like another month has gone by with no bloggage.

It’s a shame I’ve been so lax, because there’s been loads to write about. I could’ve told you about a fabby day at the theatre with Purple Fred (whom I love very much) and MiniFred (who is still slightly shorter than me so I can still use that nickname for him). We went to see “Peter Pan” in the non-pantomime version and had a super afternoon.

Or if I was in ranty mood I could’ve gone on a bit about how the Raynet event on the first weekend in December was cancelled – and looks as if it’ll never happen again. The organising committee had some problems – not of their own making, if what I’ve heard is true – and they couldn’t be resolved in time for the event to happen, and may not be resolvable at all. But there’s no point ranting about that, is there?

Of course, all else failing I could’ve had another moan about the Olympics – I had to complete a survey recently about what I’m doing to ease my journey to work during the Olympics-related disruption in the Summer. My answer was basically nothing – the Olympics people should be minimising the disruption of their event on everyone else, it shouldn’t be for us to deal with the problems caused by their sports day. Of course they won’t – Lord Coe and his Olympic hangers-on don’t see the residents and workers of London as anything other than taxpayers who can’t refuse to fund the obscene over-budget cost of their event.

But instead, I’ll just say that I plan to blog a lot more in 2012. I wonder how long it’ll last? Oh, and by the way, I’ve just approved three comments that had somehow got tied up in the spam filter – apologies to Fluffy, Stu and Susan B, but your comments are now there!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2012. God bless one and all.

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