Ten Things (courtesy Sally-J)

Comment on this post and I’ll give you a letter which you can use for your own “Ten Things I Like”, to post in your blog or on your Facebook page. I got this one from the excellent Sally-J, who allocated me the letter P.

Ten Things Beginning With “P” That I Like

  1. Purple Fred (Whom I Love Very Much) – ’nuff said!
  2. Pratchett – the books of Terry, that is. Particularly Discworld, but all the others too.
  3. Pubs – especially ones that serve Real Ale, properly kept and served by someone who knows how to do it. If the pub does decent food too, that’s a bonus.
  4. Plays – going to the theatre with PF, or to see something she’s in, or involved with. I hardly went to the theatre at all before we were together, so it’s a real eye-opener!
  5. Planning – my Favourite Purple Person (see above) teases me about how much time I spend planning things. But for me, planning a holiday, day out or whatever, is part of the process of looking forward to it!
  6. Puzzles – crosswords, Sudoku and its variants, Scrabble-grams, quizzes, anything really! I pick up an Evening Standard most days, and rarely look at anything other than the puzzle page.
  7. Pork sandwiches – you know the sort of thing, one of those huge bread rolls with a slice of roast pork, sage and onion stuffing, crunchy crackling and a dollop of apple sauce. Apart from the calories and the cholesterol, what’s not to like? And while I’m at it, other pork products too…pork pies (old fashioned ones with jelly), pork sausages and of course, bacon sarnies.

    And on the subject of food…

  8. Puddings – mmm, love that sugary goodness! Ice cream for me, please.
  9. Pussy Cats – they’re cute and friendly (normally), they keep your feet warm in bed and they never let you develop delusions of adequacy. Purr.
  10. Passport – well, not the passport as such, but since PF(WILVM) introduced me to the idea of proper foreign holidays I’ve rather grown to like the concept. Pass the Factor 50

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