Regional Stereotypes

The organisation I work for is updating its fleet of vehicles. The new cars are smaller and more fuel efficient (and therefore cheaper on road tax and congestion charge) than their predecessors, which’ll please the accountants and the tree-huggers, if not the drivers. Or any passengers unfortunate enough to have to ride in the back.

The new vehicles are being deleivered to each office in turn, and today was the turn of our Manchester office.
The cars were delivered at 10 AM
The first hubcaps were nicked before 11 AM

Now I’m not saying that Mancs are all scallies – I know a lot of Manchester people and the ones I know are all good people, even the Man U supporters. I’m just pointing out the parallel to regional stereotype…

And in an astonishing parallel to Civil Service stereotype, by mid afternoon the first diesel car had been filled with petrol. Which as we know is an easy mistake and even the best people have done it.

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