Book Review

Well, as mentioned in my last post, I loaded my Kindle with Killing Elizabeth, by the blog ring’s favourite home-grown author.

I’d read bits of it before, when he published chapters as they were written on his website, but I struggled with reading large amounts of text from the screen like that – I had no such problems on the Kindle, which I think proves the Kindle’s worth apart from anything else! Anyway, the book is a cracking good read, with comedy that makes you laugh out loud, strong action sequences and a plot that grows steadily more absurd yet keeps each step a believable consequence of what went before.

In short, well worth reading even if the author’s not a friend of yours! I’m hoping we’ll see more from the keyboard of Simon Goodway – but that’s not likely to happen unless lots of Kindle readers download this one. So what are you waiting for?

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