What’s the most important thing that anyone learns, very early on, about buying tools – for work and hobby? No doubt every single one of you is nodding wisely and saying “Don’t buy cheap tools, they’re a false economy”.

When my second-best tool set was nicked out of the boot of the car – by the same scumbags that pinched my TomTom – I replaced them fairly quickly. The original was a little kit I bought to keep in the car, so that if I found myself at the caravan and I’d forgotten to take my main tool set, I’d at least be able to do something. So I didn’t think to spend much on replacing them, and in the caravan shop I spotted a budget set and bought them without much thought. And today – having a day off work to spend on the caravan – I used them for the first time.

I’d’ve done better with a plastic My First Tool Set” from ToysRUs. The wirecutters don’t cut, the wire strippers don’t strip and the crimp tools don’t crimp. The gas spanner is more wobbly than Portsmouth’s position in the Championship and the screwdrivers seem to be made of some kind of soft metal/Plasticene alloy.

I might start shopping around for some new tools. I won’t be buying them from the caravan shop.

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