If you haven’t already done so, read Jenny’s comment on my blog of yesterday…

Of course she’s right, and my words had rather more hyperbole than was perhaps acceptable, although in my defence I did say that we were turning into a third world country, not that we were already there. But the fact remains that we live in a country run for the benefit of the few – although again, I concede that what the rest of us are left with is better than a lot of the world has.

A couple of weeks ago there was much debate in the press about whether the “Batman” intruder at Buckingham Palace should have been shot: Meanwhile, if he’d been trespassing on your home or mine, we’d still be waiting for the Police to come and take a statement. Please note here that I’m not having a pop at the Royals, nor am I having a go at the Police, and for the record I have the greatest admiration for 99% of our Police (there are a few bad apples in every barrel): I simply think there are too few of them, and those that we have are too tied up with pointless paperwork and politically “right-on” strangleholds designed to protect the rights of the criminal.

Our roads sink into holes in the ground, and our railways are run by people who think it’s more important to save a few quid than to employ properly trained maintenance staff and supervise them properly (does the term “Potters Bar” mean anything to anyone?). Yes, our hospitals are clean for the most part, and their staff competent, with the usual 1% bad apples. But again there are too few of them and unless you’re an emergency you can’t actually get into them. I’ve been waiting a year – and have at least another five months to go – for an operation that will take less than an hour when it happens and won’t involve an overnight stay. I know that’s still far better than much of the world has to cope with, but it still shouldn’t have to be like this.

I apologise unreservedly to anyone who was offended by my comparison to the third world. But I make no apology at all for drawing attention to the fact that while the Grinning Idiot, his Thuggish Deputy and the rest of the Cast of Clowns rule us, safe inside their government limousines behind their Police bodyguards, with their private healthcare, for many of their “loyal subjects” it’s a different world entirely.

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