So, those of you who follow my FaceBook status will know that some miscreant has got into my car and nicked my satnav (and a cheap toolkit).

It’s tempting to think that it’s partly my fault, as I left the car unlocked (I don’t remember leaving it unlocked but there was no damage so I must’ve done), but actually it isn’t: Just leaving a door unlocked isn’t giving some scummer permission to take your gear. They’re the ones who searched the car, found the satnav and nicked it: They also opened the boot, looked in an attractive-looking briefcase to see if it was worth nicking (apparently they didn’t want my second-best first aid kit), and ran off with a tool box.

I’m cheesed off at myself for leaving the car open, but really, where do these ratbags get off? There’s loads of stuff I’d like but can’t afford: I just live without it until either I can afford it, or learn to do without. I don’t go helping myself to other people’s gear just because I want it.

I hope they’re having fun guessing the security code.

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