There are many interesting and exciting parts of the world that Iíve never visited. Australia, India, Africa, Antarctica Ė you name it, I havenít been there, although I did once turn down an opportunity to work for the British Antarctic Survey for six months*.

I make this clear at the very beginning so that when I compare Britain to a third world country, you all know that I donít actually have any direct experience of TWCs, so thereís not many percent of knowing-what-Iím-talking-about there. Although I do remember when I visited Israel nine years ago, thinking ďItíll be a nice country when itís finished???. Anyway, since Hospital Radio moved to our current studios ten years ago, Iíve used a variety of different routes to get home: The most direct route was rejected years ago, because the roads have more potholes than the caving club summer tour. The next route I tried didnít last long, it has so many traffic lights that I could walk home faster than I could drive.

Iíll soon need another new route: Although I have a four-wheel-drive off-road Gruntmobile, I do prefer a smooth ride when Iím actually on tarmac, and when I discovered last night that Romsey Road is most comfortable driven with the suspension in off-road mode Ė well, thatís when I realised how close we are to becoming a third world country. Our water supplies are full of chemicals; Our Health Service keeps us waiting a year before we even see a specialist to talk about treatment***; The SimonG chatroom keeps crashing and needing expensive F5 therapy, and of course, our roads have more holes than Henry the Thirstís favourite sweatshirt****.

Of course another symptom of a third world country is a corrupt government lining its own pockets at the expense of the country.

And finally, in response to comments:
Andy the Bear: Welcome to the blog! Thanks for commenting, good to know that youíre reading. Have you heard about Carolyn?
MtB: If you kept up to date, youíd know the tracker was fixed weeks ago!
Jenny: Sorry, only teasing Ė but I needed an intro to talk about MtBís game.
Rob: Heh heh, youíll be catching them T8s up soon!

*To be totally accurate, I didnít apply for the job. But I know who was given the job, and Iím pretty certain that if Iíd applied, Iíd have got it.**
**Why didnít I apply? Goodness knows, I must have been stupid.
***Although to be fair, theyíre red hot on dealing with genuine emergencies
****Sorry Henners, that was going to be Slimonís shirt, but then I took the lobster out of his chatroom instead.

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