A couple of months back, I was browsing the “What’s On” guide for our local theatre. “Ooh look”, I commented to Purple Fred (Whom I Love Very Much), “Jeremy Hardy’s at the Nuffield, the week after my birthday!”

PF(WILVM) can take a hint as well as the next Fred, and among my birthday pressies was an envelope containing two tickets for Jeremy. She’d already realised that the date clashed with MiniFred’s Halloween party, but gallantly insisted that I find someone else to go with, rather than swapping the tickets for something we could both go to. So it was that last night (and me with my Halloween makeup still on), our chum Adam and I found ourselves at the theatre – centre seats, tenth row back (the row with extra legroom!). You always get decent seats when PF(WILVM) buys the tickets :-)

Jeremy was excellent. He ambled on to the stage, moaned for an hour about how crap it is getting old and how no-one understands him, and we all laughed lke hyenas. Then after the interval there was more creative moaning, some stories about his radio work, and loads ore laughter. He picked on someon who he thought was the youngest member of the audience at 39 (lucky he didn’t know Adam’s 31), and was in no doubt that most of his fans are older people. “I know my core demographic…one harsh winter and I’m f***ed!”.

All in all, a brilliant night out: Just hope there’s a tour video so I can share the fun with PF.

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