M’lovely Purple Fred – whom, it is now pretty widely known, I love very much – bought me an experience voucher for my birthday last year. As all the experiences it offered, that I was interested in, were outdoor ones, I decided to wait until this Summer – and what with one thing and another, it took us until now to sort out a weekend.

I went quad-biking this weekend! It was flippin’ brilliant :-) We went to Dorset, to Gorcombe Extreme Sports, and with that being a whole hour away we decided to book a B+B and make a weekend of it. So as well as the quad biking, we found six caches, visited Blandford Forum, discovered a nice pub with its own caravan site attached, and had a good laugh (again) at the rubbish-ness of Little Chef.

The quad biking itself was excellent – I’d booked a time when no-one else wanted to go, so I had an instructor to myself, and although there were other groups out, they were on different bits of the course so I always had the training areas to myself as well. There were seven training areas of increasing difficulty, and the instructor led me round each one before leaving me to play for a while. The safety briefing on the last one was “If you’re going to crash, do it up this end…down there, there’s rusty barbed wire and all sorts of s**t”. Then finally, right in front of the cafĂ© where your friends and fambly are going to be waiting for you, there’s a little “showing off” area, with banked hairpin bends, jumps and all sorts :-)

I think I might do that again.

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