A New Game

Jenny recently remarked that I get no comments on my blog when I write about geocaching, and from this she inferred that none of my readers are interested in which caches I’ve done.

I can assure her that that isn’t true: The cachers among my readers are interested in the cache reports, but more bizarrely Mark the Buddhist has invented a new game which relies on, among other things, knowing which caches I’ve done.

He uses the internet to keep an eye on my whereabouts (see the “Where Am I?” link, top right), and whenever he spots me parked in a rural area, checks out the geocaching website and tries to guess which cache I’m hunting. He then checks my blog later in the day to find out if he was right. I’ve no idea how well he’s doing, he hasn’t reported in since he told me about the game.

To respond to comments:
Sarah T – Sorry I missed your link, it’s there now.
Jenny – you don’t need to undertsand any of this junk, you can have a simple blog (like my old one was) free of charge and with no understanding at all!
Mark tB – Thanks for your suggestion, as you can see I’ve followed your advice!

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