Crete – part three

Gottle’s Guide to Cretan Eatin’ (or, the Meat in Crete)
We went to Crete on an “all inclusive” deal, so we had most of our meals in the hotel. This year’s game was that Purple Fred (whom I love very much) would fetch me the “starter of the day”, invariably a Greek delicacy, and whatever it was, I’d eat it.

100908a.jpgWhich is how I came to eat this rather vile looking shellfish, or at least half eat it – when I got to the mysterious brown bit in the middle, PF(WILVM) let me off the rest and let me go straight to main course. I also had shell-on prawn, liver pate (both of which I like anyway), octopus tentacle (which was much nicer than I expected) and numerous tomato-based concoctions.

The food in the hotel was an equal mix of greek traditional dishes, pasta and pizzas and “international” cuisine – the sort of thing most people would recognise. I usually went for the international option, although there was rathe rmore fish than I’d normally choose. PF(WILVM) wasn’t so lucky – the veggie option was usually a bit boring, and nearly all the desserts weren’t appropriate for a nut-allergic person – or for that matter, for anyone eating with them, so I had rather a lot of jelly and creme caramel – not that that was a problem.

Star item – Greek pork chops – about three times the size of anything you’d get in the UK. And ice cream with every meal at the hotel (as well as all the time in the poolside bars).

Nadir item – Greek salad. Tomatoes, tomatoes and tomatoes. I LIKE tomatoes, but it gets a bit tedious eventually!

I don’t think I lost any weight while we were away :-)

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