Crete – part two

100906a.jpgFollowing on from my previous blog, Lord Hutton commented “Ooh I have 2 caches on Crete! Did you find them?” Sadly not, Hutters – we didn’t get to those bits of the island, although if we’d realised you had caches there we might have made an effort!

Anyway, to today’s topic…

Gottle’s Guide to Geocaching on Crete
As you can see from the picture, some Crete caches have little hints to help you find them – although in the case of this one we’d already spent some time looking in the wrong place! The caches we did find were :-

Crete: Gerapotamos Bridge and Beach, a fun cache only about five minutes from our hotel. I whacked the car’s sump on a rock after doirg this one.

El Greco, close to a museum dedicated to the painter El Greco. We enjoyed the cache but couldn’t visit the museum as it’s only open on days when the village has electricity!

CretAquarium – can you guess which tourist attraction this one is close to? We parked in the aquarium car park, and I checked the GPS just in case there was a cache close to our route home: Nearest cache 500 feet away – it would’ve been rude not to, wouldn’t it?

Arkadi Urlaubscache – close to the car park for the Arkadi monastery, and with a brilliant view of the winding hairpinned road that’s the only way up. And lots of cats!

Aptera – close to some Roman ruins with amazing baths, vaulted cisterns and a theatre. Also close to a pretty village with an excellent cafe.

Apokorona Vista – next to a fort left over from the Turkish occupation, and with a lovely 270-degree panorama over the island the Aegean Sea.

Karen’s Chania Cache – in the back of a shop in the town of Chania – the sign outside was a bit of a giveaway, once we spotted it.

We certainly enjoyed all the caches we found on Crete – we had a fail to find as well (it’s been confirmed missing), and one we couldn’t get to – but hey, at least three of them took us places we wouldn’t have seen without caching, and that’s what it’s all about.

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