The more observant among you will notice a minor difference in the appearance of the blog.

It has, of course, had a redesign: It’s also moved and I’ve changed the software that drives it, but hopefully that change will be transparent to most of you. For the technoboffs, I’ve moved it to a hosting package on, and the software is WordPress: As before, mega-thanks to the tireless SimonG, without whose advice I wouldn’t have known where to start. I might have even had to read the documentation ;-)

Hopefully as my confidence improves I’ll be twiddling with some of the cosmetic stuff to make the blog look nicer, and in the fullness of time it’ll all be a seamless part of my main webpage.

Sorting this lot out has taken most of the weekend, so I’m not going to blog about anything else today – other than to say yes, thanks for asking, my wrist does still hurt, and my back is still dodgy as well. All part of life’s rich tapestry, eh?

(Those of you who have links to my blog on your site, please change it to point at Note that that’s a “zero” between the “g” and the “t” by the way)

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