Well all right, it wasn’t quite a cachepedition, but close to it: when m’lovely Purple Fred (we love each other very much) asked me what I wanted to do at the weekend, I commented “Well whatever else we do, I’d like to grab three caches – I’m on 1397″ (where possible I like to do centenary numbers with sepcial chums).

So, after we’d had lunch at one of our favourite places, we had a look at the map, and guess what? A recently placed 6 mile circular route of 20 caches – plus three more along the way that had been there before the series was placed :-) . It was a hot old day, and even with several stops for water and a stop at a tea shoppe (Titchfield Haven Visitor Centre), we were flagging by the end. PF wasn’t at all impressed when I told her a decent runner would do that distance in about thirty five minutes!

We had a lovely curry and a glass of wine when we got home :-)

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