Top Shelf Goodies

I usually get my lunchtime sarnie at Sainsbo’s, on the way in to work.

That’s not because I like Sainsbo’s sarnies especially – they’re OK, but I prefer Tesco. Actually, I prefer “Eat”, but I have a deep rooted objection to spending longer queuing for my lunch than I’m going to spend eating it, to Tesco or Sainsbury it has to be. And there’s a branch of Sainsbury within easy walking distance, but I’d have to divert well off course to get to a Tesco.

Part of the problem with Sainsbury is their uninspiring range of sandwich fillings: Cheese and tomato is only interesting for so long – about two seconds – and even the all day breakfast is stodgier than the bread it comes in. And don’t get me started on smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese? Oh, OK then. Who the hell had THAT idea? ”Hey guys, here’s an idea: Y’know how smoked salmon has a really light, delicate flavour, and a texture that melts across the tongue? Well, let’s make a sandwich out of that, but slather it in really cheap cream cheese to stop people noticing how unpleasant the bread is!”

The reason I mention all this is that I spotted something in Sainsbury this morning that I’d never noticed before: Their sandwich section has a top shelf! And just like all the racier stuff in the magazine section is on the top shelf, so it is with sandwiches. I found a pork, apple and stuffing sandwich that was not only made with real pork, apple and stuffing, but also had bread that didn’t taste like cardboard!

I will return to Sainsbo’s top shelf again…maybe tomorrow…

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