We Have a Winner

Remember I told you I had some exciting news that I couldn’t share before the weekend?

As most of you will know, I’m the webmaster for the drama group of Purple Fred (whom, you’ll be delighted to know, I love very much [PF that is, not the whole drama group]). We’ve been running an online competition to choose a new logo for the group: First of all, members and friends were invited to submit ideas, then the members all had a chance to vote for their favourite. And on Saturday – at the combined “Last night of the Show and Forty Fifth Anniversary of the Society” party, the winner was announced…


…designed by ME!!!

It was a bit embarrassing really, being that I was the one who counted the votes – although it was all checked and ratified by the committee so it IS fair.

I won a load of theatre vouchers…now, what shall I take Purple Fred (whom I love very much) to see?

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