Me an’ Purple Fred an’ Mini Fred had a barbecue this afternoon – and apart from me completely failing to set anything other than charcoal alight (see here) it was pretty much as you might expect a barbecue to be. But it DID remind me of something that I failed to blog about when it happened, back in February…

In connection with one of PF’s drama things, we had a smoke machine to play with. It was a big industrial smoke machine possibly designed for Wembley Stadium, but we were confident that with judicious use of the settings we could get it right. Time at the technical rehearsal was going to be tight and we had to arrive at the theatre already knowing how it worked, so we set up a little smoke machine practice at PF’s house.

We set the machine up in the conservatory with the nozzle pointing down the garden (we’re not THAT daft), and PF and MF stood outside in the cold to observe effects: Because of the length of the mains cable, I had to stay inside in the warm with the controls.

We had, of course, failed to take into account the wind direction: While PF was shouting “There’s not much smoke, turn it UP! Turn it UP!”, I was in the dining room with the kitchen and hall smoke alarms going off, and unable to find my way across the room to turn it off.

And that’s what today’s barbecue reminded me of. The burgers were nice, though.

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