Missed Opportunity

I spotted a brilliant “oops” photo the other day.

I was reading some online news about a speech the new Home Secretary had made, and the picture of Theresa May illustrating the story was one of those which MPs’ press advisers are supposed to prevent. Have a look at the picture illustrating this news story.

The picture I found – and really wish I’d saved so I could share it with you now – was an uncropped version of that. She’s standing in front of a poster showing what was then the Conservative party slogan, “Now for Change”

Except the way the picture was framed, and the way she was standing, makes it look like the slogan says “Now for Hang”.

Unfortunately by the time I came to blog about the picture, someone at the website where I found the story had realised what they’d done, and withdrawn the picture – the story is now unillustrated. So the moral of this story is – if you see a picture that makes you laugh, grab it straight away!

I’ll blog about what a great weekend I had tomorrow.

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