Patently Genius

Me and Rob had a BRILLIANT idea the other night.

If you’re not familiar with the periodic table, go and have a look here. I’ve always thought the periodic table beautiful, taking the chaos of what some would consider a random universe, and describing it in perfect order.

The trouble is, it’s a bit difficult to learn, and a basic knowledge of where everything in the periodic table goes is essential for A level chemistry students, or at least it was in my day. They probably get to take a printout of it into their exams nowadays. Anyway, have you noticed – as we did – how the table layout looks a bit like a larger version of a keyboard?

Now these days, everyone knows that the top row of a keyboard is QWERTYUIOP, and a reasonable number of regular users will have meorised ASDFGHJKL as the second. So wouldn’t it be fab – and make life easier for the chemists – if someone designed a computer keyboard that was the same as the periodic table? Then everyone would quickly memorise the table layout, and as an added bonus you’d have all those extra keys to play with. Just think, you could describe this entry as RuBBiSH in two fewer keystrokes than normal.

Anyone know the phone number of the patent office?

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